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Grabbing The Hem

There is a story from Scripture which tells of a woman who was afflicted with some kind of disease for many years. She had obviously heard of Jesus' miraculous healing power and when he walked by her she couldn't resist, reached out and touch the hem of his garment. I don't have the exact wording here, but he realizes that someone has touched him and he "felt the power go out of him." Of course, at the time, there was a crowd of people around him, so the disciples were confused as to how Jesus was even aware that this took place since he was being pressed and surrounded by lots of people at the time. But Jesus was aware of it nonetheless. The woman was cured. But I have wondered many times...would I have touched his hem?

What brings me to this pondering is this: in the times I have been most "down and out", people have told me to pull myself out of it, to take pills to lift me out of it and even to "forget about your don't have it so bad." None of these suggestions were particularly helpful. I didn't feel better just because I tried to make myself feel that. I didn't take any medication to make me forget my sorrows and I certainly wasn't able to look around me for any length of time thereby seeing all the good in the world and being instantly restored. Nope. Sometimes I was just stuck in the bad times. And nothing seemed to help me see outside of either myself or my troubles.

But then, someone (I'm pretty sure it wasn't Jesus in the flesh, but I could be wrong) would come along; a friend, an acquaintance, even sometimes someone passing by on the street who would smile, or hug or give just a small affirmation that I was worthy of acknowledgement and I just began to feel okay. Not great. Not myself yet. But the small gesture started the upward climb to the place where the sun shone again. It was like touching Jesus' robe, just for a second.

And maybe, just maybe, I DID touch his robe. Just a little. And I'm healing a little at a time. And I do remember that people love me, and I have family both in and outside of my church family. But God loves me too. All the time. Even when I'm down and out. Maybe even especially then when I need the healing the most. God loves me. No questions.

Thanks, I needed that.

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