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Music to Live By

I had a memory the other day of being in Music class in elementary school. We frequently sang songs of working on the railroad (I've Been Working on The Railroad), chariots (Swing Low, Sweet Chariot), and other mythical and out-of-my-understanding topics. But we sang with gusto as our Music teacher would accept nothing less. I also recall learning the words to the song, My Favorite Things. As we began to memorize the song, I, in my best dramatic way, gestured to myself as we sang, "silver white winters that melt into spring", sweeping my hand down from my "snow white" blouse to my gaily colored skirt (we wore skirts EVERYDAY, folks, that's how old I am!). I realized suddenly that the person sitting next to me was smirking at my posturing, so I quickly sat on my hands and never did that again.

Fast forward some 50 plus years. I am not fond of singing in public for any reason. One of those reasons was explained to me painfully, again in grade school, that I was tone deaf. And so my singing is done in the car, alone, with the music I love best playing on my iPhone, lest anyone else be afflicted. Except...I do sing, out loud, in church. I love hymns! I always have. Their melodies and lyrics lift me to a higher place than I can get to with just the regular service. And I don't care if I am tone deaf. My dear friends who sit next to me, don't seem to mind (at least they don't put their hands over their ears) and the people around me don't seem to notice either. And this is what I'm thinking. It doesn't matter, pretty much, whether I'm in tune or out of it. Because what I'm doing is not trying to impress the Almighty with my operatic screeching. NO, I'm saying to the Lord how much I love him. In my own inimitable way. And God doesn't seem to mind that I'm off key, or off by a beat or that I might not even know the song. I believe that God is glad to be in our presence no matter where we are and what tune we might be humming. And that is cause for singing! In the shower, in the car and even in church!

I hope you will come and join us in our praise and worship. I promise not to sing too loudly in your ear, but then again, I am very enthusiastic!

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