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Are We Done Yet?

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve Day. And so far, down the street I have counted six trees denuded of all tinsel, Christmas balls and twinking, blinking lights. I believe in keeping Christmas around as long as possible, but at least until January 6th (which is the date we celebrate Epiphany). This particular festival is one of my favorites because it reminds me of the way Jesus sort of shows up unannounced and we are always surprised! The word epiphany means: (among other definitions) an illuminating discovery. If Jesus is indeed the Light of the World, how much more illuminated can we get? As we discover his presence in our lives, we begin to understand that the dark corners are not as dark with someone standing beside us. The grim news we receive is shared by someone who understands just how unjust and grim the world can be. And lest you think what few marbles I have in my head have just rolled out my ears, no I do not claim that the physical presence of Jesus is what I’m claiming. As part of the community of Christ, I have brothers and sisters who, if I need to, I can call and they will be there for me. And it isn’t because I’m such a saint either! It’s because that is what we do if we say we are followers of Jesus. We are there for each other in the bright morning sunshine and the dark dismal nights.

I hope you have a chance to experience the “A-Ha” moment of realizing that the Lord is with you. It can take your breath away and leave you feeling less alone and maybe even more alive! But do me a favor? Keep the tree up until at least the 6th, okay? Humor me!

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