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First Words

I started out writing this so I could wax eloquent about the fact that our granddaughter spoke her first word yesterday (it was of course, Dada, much to my daughter's chagrin). But actually , the title of this post made me think of something else. The first words ever spoken. God spoke them, right? I mean he looked around and saw that everything was good, so then he rested. Did he said to himself, "good job"? Did he say it out loud? And what tone of voice did he use? I mean, I was just wondering, ya know? And when he spoke to Adam and Eve and tossed them out of the garden, was he talking like your dad did when you disappointed him in whatever it was you did wrong? Or was it like thunder? And in speaking with Moses, which he did on numerous occasions, did he have like a "conversational" tone of voice? Or was it more like the teacher talking to you about how to write in cursive (okay, nobody learns cursive anymore, just go with it, OK?). Of course, Elijah heard God in the sheer silence, which is more like something I can relate to, especially if I take out my hearing aids. But still, it makes me wonder.

I've listened for God for a VERY long time and have yet to "hear his voice." I've heard others who proclaim they are God's voice. I'm hard pressed to believe some of them. They seem more like they are speaking in their voice, asking for money or cars or jets, but using God as the, ya know, qualifier. But I personally have yet to hear God. Except...

When I walk by someone and they look like they need a hug and I give them one. Or I'm listening to a friend and they just need to share their sadness or frustration, so I tune out everything else and just listen. Or when I see someone begging on the street and I know I shouldn't but I somehow just feel I need to give them something, so I buy them a sandwich. I certainly don't hear the Almighty at those particular moments. But I'm pretty sure I hear something prodding me to do something. And I don't believe it's my inner nature as I've seen that sucker in action and it's not pretty. Nope. I think maybe God is speaking to me, not in the native language I use but in the language of communication nonetheless. A hug, a listening ear and shoulder are all evidence of something bigger than me telling me that there is a reason I am there at that moment in that time. It may not be God speaking, but then again, it might be!

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