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In The Blink of an Eye

Life can be so changeable. We know this for a fact, yet, we don’t really believe it I think, until we’ve actually experienced it. Births, deaths, sudden shifts in the earth or just the economy, creates a sense of not being in control; careening off the well worn or at least well known path. These sudden changes make us doubt ourselves no matter how competent we are in our everyday life. Take the story of Saul for example: well known scholar and zealous in his defense of the Jewish religion. He even was commissioned by the Romans to seek out those dreaded believers of “the Way” and had papers to prove it. I’m sure he was firm in his belief of what he was doing, traveling to Damascus (or was it from?). When life threw him a curve ball which knocked him off his horse, his stride, and his well known path. Jesus’ voice rings out, “why do you persecute me?” and really what else could Saul do at that moment in time but grovel on the path and listen for instructions?

Yes, life can knock you around. It is not Easy Street for most of us. Oh, we’d like to believe that we can handle whatever comes our way, but really, can we? And hey, I’m not in this alone. I have family and friends. But their road can be kind of shaky as well. So I look for something solid to hold onto. And that solidity is my faith. Now it is true, that I have never heard Jesus’ voice call to me on Cuthbert Road (or any other road for that matter). But I have heard the Almighty One nudge me through other voices. I have seen the work of the Creator in anything from a newly unfurled spring flower to the milky-eyed stare of an octogenarian listening to a favorite hymn played on a piano in a nursing home. And I believe that God stands with me as I wander this life’s road. And that God is with me whenever the world changes or shifts. Even in the blink of an eye.

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