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It’s a Perspective Thing

Updated: May 10, 2019

A long time ago, in this current galaxy...when 33 1/3 albums were still a “thing” to buy and getting a “set” of more than one album was an extravagance almost unheard of...a two record set came out of the rock and roll musical about Holy Week. Yes, you heard me, Holy Week. It was written using the gospels I believe as it’s baseline for the story. It portrayed Pilate as a puppet, Judas as perhaps not the evil man everyone thought he was and the disciples as the clueless band of followers we have read about but maybe not envisioned as the musical did. It was tremendously popular and the most famous song to come out of it was , “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.” I just rechecked when this came out and it was 1970!

Almost every year since that time, when Palm Sunday rolls around, I find my recording of this and play it through multiple times throughout the week. Of course, I now have it on my iPad and phone and car; no more record players for me! And every year, as I sing along with Judas, the disciples and Jesus, I am immersed in the story once again. I am not as cynical as the writers of the musical, so I find redemption in the story as I put my own understanding and faith spin on it. And I have come to realize that‘s how we listen to the Passion of Jesus the Christ. I mean what we hear from one year to the next, although the words may be the same, are processed through all the things you have experienced since the last time you heard it. So one year the actual crucifixion has more impact than the fact that Peter denies him three times. Other years the washing of the disciples feet has more poignancy for you than the last words uttered, “Into your hands I commend my spirit.”

What do you take away from this Holy Week? What draws you nearer to God? Come to the services Thursday, Friday and Saturday to hear and feel the story again. Because you never know what you will hear this time around. It’s all in your perspective!

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