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Optimistic Magic

Recently I've noticed on one or two of the channels on the TV, they are running the Harry Potter movies. I am assuming they are playing them in sequence as they don't really make sense out of order, too much. I'm a fan of Harry Potter, both the books and the movies. I've always loved stories with magic and happy endings. Some people tried for a while to say one of two things about the series. Some who didn't like them, well some anyway, said they were the work of Satan, drawing people away from the Bible. Then there were the people who felt as though the stories were a metaphor for Jesus, you know, saving the world through love. Me? I thought they were terrific stories without a hidden agenda.

And I guess I liked Ms. Rowling's underlying message. Good is better than evil. Love conquers hate. The good guys, though bloodied and bowed, win in the end. Of course, in the real world we all live in, that is not necessarily so. We've seen bad guys win, haven't we? We've seen good men and women get some pretty raw deals, too. Life is not always fair, like in the movies.

We talked about that sort of, in the adult Sunday school class a while ago. That weighing of good versus bad. And it sort of came to the Harry Potter conclusion, that love wins over all. God's love is above all things. We make crappy choices and complain and whine about life, yet God is right there listening and waiting for us to realize His support and love for us. We don't have to do anything to make Him love us. We actually can't. I mean it's nice when we pet dogs as opposed to kicking them, but God's love requirement is not earned. Because technically, we can never be good enough. He just loves us, period. If there is more optimistic magic than that, I don't know what it would be. I don't even own a wand, but apparently, I don't need one. What a relief!

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