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Some Things Stay The Same

We moved and things are different here. The layout of the land. The structure of the house. The sounds, the smells, the people walking the streets. Everything is new. I'm not good with change, really. So this is kind of hard for me. The husband, well, he likes to change things up from time to time but I think even for him, this is REALLY a change.

And yet, some things are the same. I took a brisk walk today before the day got hot (again!) and the breeze blew in my face. The birds still sang the same songs. The sun still shone on the path I walked. And did I mention the stink bugs? No, I didn't think I had. They populated the screens and sometimes even the doorways and windows at the old place. Well, they are here as well. Sigh. One thing to always NOT squish them in your hands. So I shoo them away from the screens and the doors as I did at the old place. And of course, as is my want, I connected to something of my faith in my observation of the bugs. My belief in God is with me wherever I go, too. I carry it with me, sometimes hidden, sometimes not. It clings to me like those stubborn bugs. And sometimes I wish it didn't. I see the people around me, judging them on their demeanor, their clothes, their way of greeting (or not greeting). And God flicks me on the head, the same way I flick the bugs, reminding me that I don't know everything and at this point in time, don't know practically anyone and don't know their stories or their abilities or their likes/dislikes/attitudes about things as I haven't given them a chance to share them. Who is the stink bug now, I think. So I guess I need to take some time to get adjusted. Time to reflect. And time to be open to where God might be speaking to me in this new place. And try not to stink up the place in the process. I think I need some prayers. Thanks.

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