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Then Sings My Soul

I read something this morning that really resonated with me and I wanted to share my train of thought, if I may. The author was talking about how connected they are to singing and music. And in times of stress or depression, that sense of music deserts them and it is only when someone they love sings back to them, they feel renewed. What a lovely sentiment.

I am not particularly musically inclined. I mean I like music. Can sing along with lots of songs from the Frank Sinatra songbook, and even sing word for word certain musicals. But hymns and classical were always sort of "out of my reach". I know certain hymns from growing up and going to church for eons. But I really can't distinguish between Bach and Handel unless someone points it out to me. Except Beethoven. For some reason I can usually pick out one of his compositions. Who knows why. So why would this authors' observation resonate with me? I think its because not every song is sung to music. Let me explain myself.

I hear the cadence and subtle timbre of my mother's voice and know who it is and what it brings to my heart. I know the deep rumble of my beloved husband's voice and again it brings something to me that touches my inner self. We sing to each other in ways we weren't even realizing every day. My best friends sing their stories of children, parents, work and play without even stringing together any notes. My companions in the workplace sing, sometimes rather discordantly, about the trials and tribulations of daily life there. I am surrounded by the wonder and melody of a hundred different voices each day. This is no small miracle for me. Trust me when I say, when you are partially deaf, sounds are precious. And the voices and stories woven together throughout the day, magnify the Lord. Not always of course. Frequently the funereal droning of complaining and griping drown out the lovely sopranos of the birds outside. But the miracle of the cacophony of sound THAT I CAN HEAR is not something to be taken lightly or grouchily.

So yes, I understand what the author is saying about the people around them singing the song back to them. Remember that hymn, This is My Father's World? The lyric, "all nature sings and 'round me rings, the music of the spheres." I don't think they were only speaking of the voices raised in hymns. But in the voices given to us to sing our songs when we cannot do it for ourselves. And yes, my singing voice is not very good, but my heart is filled with the true music of God's love and for that I can sing to the rafters whenever and wherever I am.

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