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Things That Hold You Together...Discuss

We are in the process of taking things down off the walls. We're moving you see, so it's necessary to remove the pictures and fake works of art and posters as evidence of our taste from the various walls. The thing I noticed though, as I followed the hubby from room to room was the things we used to hang those various works of art. Mostly it was those brass tack, looped around hanger thingee. But occasionally, there was a screw or just a plain nail. Sometimes it depended on the substance of the wall, sometimes the weight of the thing being hung and sometimes it was either just mere whim or frustration about what possible thing could be used at the spur of the moment. Hubby is a meticulous man, so these various wall hangings did NOT fall off the wall. Once there, they stayed there. And were probably dust-encrusted from years past. Yechhh.

And is my wont to do things, I got to thinking about what holds you to the wall of everyday? I mean, what keeps you upright most days? To some I imagine it's their job. Some people are so enamored with their vocation, they can't wait to meet another day! I was never that person, by the way. Which is good since I have recently retired and didn't need that for my vertical support. To others its simply the challenge of meeting what comes their way each day. They greet the sun as they bounce out of bed, ready for whatever life throws at them! Unfortunately, I am not one of them either. I'm very fond of sleeping late and sitting on the couch and reading. If there is a problem that can be avoided, I'm all for avoiding it at all costs! So what is it that holds me upright most days? I would have to say more often than not, it is the people who populate my world. My family, my friends, my pastor. The people I love and respect and who in turn seem to respect me. They are the little hanger thingee to the nail in the wall of life. But perhaps more than anything, my faith is the plaster that I'm nailed to. Grabbing me by the toes and holding me fast lest I fall over or off. Believing that God loves me is pretty powerful stuff, since I'm convinced that I'm pretty unlovable some days. But God is constant in his hold on me. And thank goodness. As I begin this next phase of my life in a new place, I will need whatever God can use to hold on to me. Cause heaven knows I'll be holding on to him!

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