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So, in the process of yet another day of staying in the house and seeing virtual friends, family, countrymen (women?) with either real or fake backdrops, I got up to water the plants. I have a lot of plants. I like plants. They don't ask much of me; just some watering and some light and an occasional dose of carbon dioxide to keep 'em going. My orchids are beginning to bloom. I was firmly convinced, when we moved, that they, in their petulance, wouldn't ever bloom again. Thereby punishing me for changing their environment. It seems they were just thinking things over and have decided that the light is right and the conditions may not be as dire as they originally thought.

I'm with the orchids this morning. First of all the sun came out! YAY! I was confused what that strange glow was outside the window, but then realized since I hadn't seen the sun for days on end, it must either be the end of the world, or...the sun. And the flowers are blooming all over the place. And the trees are budding out. And people who are walking around are actually smiling as opposed to the purposeful grimace so many of us have adopted of late. I went out for a brisk walk. The wind almost blew off my favorite hat. But I caught it in time. The ever present puddles around my walking route are actually drying up. And the birds are squawking at me, angry that someone has the temerity to invade their outside fiefdoms. I saw an actual bluebird. He didn't look any happier than any other bird, but I saw one! It was amazing.

So the orchids and I have decided that the light is right and the conditions may not be as dire as originally thought. Okay, okay, the virus is out there. Pouncing on anyone who breathes in its deadly droplets. There is mayhem and anger and just plain, old grousing. But the sun came out. The light shines on. God has promised to be with us one and all, sick or not sick, happy or grouchy. The light is with us. All the time, if we can only look and see it. Please see it with me. Please share the warmth of the light with me. We all need some light these days.

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