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What Are You Looking For?

As I get older, I find myself getting asked this question a lot. Usually I’m rummaging around in a box of junk, a filing cabinet filled with old papers, or perhaps a large plastic container of—well—junk! We seem to have accumulated a LOT of stuff over the years and I can never seem to remember where I put whatever it is I’m searching for. Sometimes, even after I find this elusive “something”, I can’t even remember why I was looking for it!

This Sunday we began our 4 week trek to the manger. The season is called Advent. The advent of something means the coming of it. And it has oft been said that we are looking for the Messiah, specifically Jesus, to come. But He came already, I hear you saying. Well, yeah He did, about 2000 (give or take a few) years ago, so what could we possibly be looking for when we speak of Advent? This could be answered a number of ways. We could be looking for the 2nd coming when we will be taken up to be with God. And no, I don’t subscribe to the “left behind” theory of this...I personally am not looking for that 2nd coming. Not yet anyway. I still have things to do, places to go, people to take care of. Nope, not ready for that yet. But I am ready to welcome Jesus into our midst. He said once that whenever two or more are gathered in His name, there he would be also. I like the idea that he is there with us in Sunday School or during Holden Evening Prayer on Wednesday nights. I feel better when he’s around.

I think that Jesus is what we’re looking for. We call it yearning for something more. Or we ascribe anticipation to the season. But really, the idea that we could be loved so much that God graciously gave his Son so that we would know how to love one another through example, well, this is a Christmas gift better than anything under the tree. And He comes again and again through communion, through prayer, and sometimes through children’s Christmas programs.

So come with me this Advent to look for Jesus. Look up and out instead of down and inside. Come to the Wednesday evening service (hey! It’s only about 30 minutes long) and let’s see if we can discover the reason for Advent and for Christmas. Join me as we search for the reason for the season.

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