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You Belong to Me

I started this post a couple of times and it suddenly stopped or disconnected or , well, something. So I looked heavenward and thought, “what? Are you trying to tell me something?” But since THIS time it seems to be working, I will assume I’m on the right path.

There is a song in my head with the lyrics of the title of the post. I always thought it was sort of an uncomfortable sentiment, that, “you belong to me,” thing. People don’t “belong” to other people. Not in my world anyway. We choose to be with someone; we associate with someone; we are part of a group. But to belong to someone always felt to me, like you didn’t have any say in the matter. Like slavery. You had no choice, which chafes to me. Maybe the women’s lib movement did that to me or something, but I didn’t want to belong to anyone. And yet...

As we begin the season of Lent, we hear of the things Jesus showed us. God‘s unremitting love for us, grace showered down, healing for the oppressed and downtrodden. Over and over again we are shown not only in Jesus’ teaching and stories, but in his very actions—patience, forgiveness, healing. Time and time again it is explained that God loves us, all of us, from the tax collector to the prostitute to the beggar in the street. We are loved. And nothing can take that away, no matter how unforgiving, impatient or sick we are. We are loved. We belong to God. And in my heart, I maybe start to believe that belonging to God is a good thing. And so I think of the title of this post and, well, maybe it’s not such a bad thing at all to belong to God.

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