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You Talkin’ To Me?

I’m always amazed by the people God seems to pick to be the messengers sent forth. One of this week’s readings is from the prophet Jeremiah (and for those oldsters—no, he’s not a bullfrog). But he was a young man. A young man who didn’t want to be God’s mouthpiece and went so far as to tell God that. But God, in the Almighty’s own inimitable way, convinced the young man that the words needed would be there at the right time, if Jeremiah would trust in the Lord.

Time and again God picked those who were not considered to be the “best” spokespersons if you were to choose. Moses had a speech impediment. David was rather untrustworthy around some married women, and Paul used to go around beating up the early followers of Jesus before he “saw the light” (or heard the voice, actually).

Why does God do this? Why not pick the silver-tongued orators of the time? Or the powerful kings or the great magicians? We can only guess. But it seems to me, God chooses people who may not be perfect or may even be reluctant because they are like everyone else. If the Maker of the universe can use such ordinary people, then even you or I could be the way others come to God. We could be the ones who point to something bigger than us, so full of love and compassion that it cannot be contained! How great that could be! To show someone the power of God just by being yourself! Isn’t that what Christianity is supposed to do, anyway? That the community of faith is a mere reflection of the Almighty’s love?

I realize we we aren’t all great speech givers, or famous orators or even occasional sermon reciters, but we all have our own little spheres of interaction with people. Maybe you could be the next prophet who shares the good news with a person who needs a smile or a hug or a shoulder to lean on. Yes, you! Remember God chooses all kinds of people to be the givers of the message. But he probably doesn’t use bullfrogs...just sayin’.

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